Employee Benefits

At the Housing Authority, our employees are our best asset, and this is why we endeavour to create a positive and rewarding environment.

We offer employment benefits and career options that compare very well with the private sector, such as flexible work arrangements to help balance lifestyle and organisational needs.

In accordance with the provisions of the Public Service Award and Public Service and Government Officers General Agreement, employee benefits include:

  • Flexible start and finish work times
  • Flexible working hours with the ability to “bank” time worked in excess of a standard 7.5 hour work day with the ability to take this time off at a future point in time
  • Part-time work/job sharing
  • Personal Leave entitlements – paid leave provided for illness, to care for ill family members, or for other reasons of an urgent and pressing nature
  • The ability to purchase up to 10 weeks of additional leave per year
  • Accrual of Long Service Leave over seven years, rather than 10 years as with some other employers
  • Paid maternity leave of 14 weeks, with the option to extend to a maximum of two years (unpaid leave)
  • Adoption leave, other parent/partner leave and grandparental leave to support those welcoming a new child into their family
  • A work environment that supports equal opportunity and diversity
  • Wellness initiatives - such as free influenza vaccinations and employee counselling services
  • Attractive Remuneration
  • A contribution of 9.5% of gross salary towards superannuation
  • Four weeks annual leave per year with a loading of 17.5% of your salary
  • Annual scholarships to help high-achieving employees to reach their full  potential