Repairs and Maintenance

Remote Aboriginal Housing Toolbox

Information for Tenants

As a tenant, you have rights and responsibilities regarding repairs and maintenance for your property.

As a tenant you should:

  • Keep your property reasonably clean.
  • Report any damage to Housing Direct on 1300 137 677 or to your Housing Officer as soon as possible.

If you or your visitors have caused damage to the property, you may have to pay for the cost of the repair. Your Housing Officer will contact you to organise a payment plan which you can pay off over time.

Your Housing Officer is there to support you to keep your property clean, safe and undamaged.

Using local contractors, the Department will have repairs and maintenance completed within a reasonable timeframe. However, in remote communities, it is sometimes difficult for contractors to keep to these timeframes.

If your property is locked up because of Sorry Business, Housing will seek permission from the Community Council to enter, except in case of emergency.

For further information see our Aboriginal Housing Policy Manual.

Environmental Health Representatives

In addition to completing emergency plumbing repairs, environmental health representatives are encouraged to request repairs and maintenance for properties in remote Aboriginal communities.

To report urgent maintenance (including issues related to electrical safety devices (smoke alarms and RCDs), plumbing blockages, gas or water leaks, property security and no access to hot water or electricity) call 1300 137 677 (then press 1).

To report routine maintenance (including general painting and carpentry, some plumbing and electrical repairs), email a completed Remote AHS Maintenance Reporting Form to the Remote AHS Maintenance Team.

Refer to the related information section above to access fact sheets and the reporting form.​​​​​