Tenant Toolbox

Why use an advocate?

We encourage all clients to engage an advocate to assist them in dealing with the Housing Authority if they wish.  An advocate helps to ensure you have fair access to all our services.

Who can be an advocate?

An advocate may be:
  • Someone working for a professional support service
  • A friend or relative nominated by you to act on your behalf.

How do I start using an advocate?

To maintain your confidentiality and privacy, we require you to complete and sign an Agency / Advocate Consent form before we will discuss or release any information about your business. If you wish to have someone act as your advocate, you need to complete the form and return it to the nearest Housing Authority office
You will need to complete this form, even if your advocate is a family member or friend.

What will happen when I use an advocate?

We will send your advocate a copy of the correspondence we send to you.
If you attend a meeting with Housing in person and your advocate accompanies you, the conversation and questions will be directed to your advocate through you.

Where do I find an advocate?

Contact your local Housing Authority office for a copy of the Help is Available brochure
Each regional office regularly updates the brochure list of professional advocates working in its area.

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