Structural Improvements and Additions

Tenant Toolbox

You are allowed to make structural improvements and additions to your rental property as long as the Housing Authority has approved any changes you plan to make.

This includes:

  • Carport
  • Shed
  • A pergola or patio
  • Security screens
  • Air conditioning
  • Additional fencing

To make any change or addition to your property you need to:

  • Fill out an Improvements/Additions form, available from your local Housing office 
  • Check with your local council or shire to see if you need to apply for any approvals
  • Submit your completed Improvements/Additions Form and proof you have been granted any necessary council/shire approvals to your local Housing office
  • Housing will look at your application and let you know if you are allowed to make the change to your rental property

Once the approved work is complete you need to contact your local Housing office to organise an inspection of the work.

Be mindful that you may be required to remove your addition/improvement at your own expense before you move out.

We may reimburse you for the work you have done on your rental property if we had already planned to do the work as part of an upgrade.

This can only happen if you got the right approvals from the Housing Authority before doing the work.

Note: The Housing Authority does not permit the installation of swimming pools or spa pools which can hold water greater than 300mm in depth.​​