Support and Tenant Education Program (STEP)

Tenant Toolbox

If you are experiencing difficulty meeting your tenancy obligations with the Housing Authority, the Support and Tenant Education Program (STEP) is a free service that can help.

Who is STEP for?

STEP is an early intervention program for tenants who are having difficulties sustaining their tenancy who may also be facing possible eviction.  STEP provides support for you to improve tenancy issues such as property standards, rent payments or behaviour affecting the quiet enjoyment of people in the immediate vicinity.

How does STEP work?

Participation in STEP is voluntary. As a tenant, you can ask to join the program, or your Housing Services Officer may suggest you join. Places on the STEP program may be limited. To apply for the program you will need to complete a STEP Offer form available from your Housing Services Officer. Housing will send a copy of this signed form along with a referral letter to the STEP Provider – a non-government agency who will work with you to develop strategies to enable you to help you meet your tenancy obligations.

As a STEP client you will then meet with your STEP Provider and Housing Services Officer to discuss what could be done to help you sustain your tenancy. Once all parties agree to proceed, an action plan will be developed and signed. The STEP Provider will then meet with you regularly so that you can work together to achieve the agreed outcomes.

What type of support does STEP provide?

By participating in STEP you have the opportunity to improve skills or abilities including:

  • Resolving conflicts or disputes
  • Managing your budgets
  • Maintaining a stable and functioning household
  • Learning and understanding tenant obligations and responsibilities
  • Managing external factors that impact on your tenancy

If you would like more information please contact your Housing Services Officer.​​​​