RPS Tenants

The Housing Authority has launched the Rental Pathways Scheme (RPS) to help moderate income public housing tenants move into private rental accommodation.

What is the scheme?

The scheme will help you transition from public housing into private rental accommodation. The Housing Authority will contribute towards the market rent enabling you to ease yourself into the private rental market.

Under the scheme you may also be eligible for Commonwealth Rent Assistance which will provide further financial assistance towards your rent.

The RPS aims to provide you with the tools to progress your circumstances and move into independent housing.

Who is eligible?

Housing will discuss the Rental Pathways Scheme with tenants who are:

  • Over the public housing income limit
  • Have a good tenancy history
  • Agree to the conditions of the Rental Pathways Scheme

You must also comply with your obligations under the Residential Tenancy Agreement which the real estate agent will have you sign.

What incentives will I be offered?

The Housing Authority will assist you to secure an affordable leased property that meets your needs in terms of property size, location and rental cost.

You will be provided supported entry into the private rental market, including subsidised rent for up to 2 years, rent waivers in your current Housing Authority property, relocation costs and up to 24 months tenancy support from the Housing Pathways Unit.

How can I find out more?

To express your interest and/or find out more about the scheme, please contact 1300 799 160.