Priority Public Housing Assistance

If your housing need is urgent, you may be eligible for priority assistance ahead of your turn on the waiting list. You will need to speak to a Housing Authority officer regarding your situation and provide proof of your claims, such as medical and support letters.

Examples of situations that may contribute to an urgent housing need include medical conditions that are caused or aggravated by an applicant's existing housing, domestic violence, racial harassment, matters associated with child abuse and accommodation to take a child out of care.

The approval process takes into account a number of factors. This includes the circumstances surrounding the urgent housing need, the availability of any other viable option such as private rental accommodation or sharing temporarily with friends and relatives, and the past history of the applicant including any debt to the Housing Authority.

The Housing Authority has a responsibility to maintain consistency, fairness and balance between the competing needs of applicants on the normal waiting list and those on the priority list.

While every effort is made to allocate housing according to the applicant's preferred location and type of accommodation, this is not always possible. The ability to allocate property depends on a vacancy occurring, so some compromise may be necessary. In such instances, a property in other areas as close as possible to the preferred location may be offered.

It should be recognised that priority assistance is not emergency or crisis accommodation.  Housing Authority officers can assist applicants to locate agencies offering crisis accommodation.