Information for Landlords

The Assisted Rental Pathways Pilot seeks to secure rental properties from across Perth Metro, Bunbury and Albany to be matched with pre-qualified social housing tenants and waitlist applicants for up to four years.

What the Pilot Offers

Landlords who participate in the Assisted Rental Pathways Pilot* will benefit from:

  • Guaranteed rent for the term of the tenancy - Housing will guarantee rent for the duration of a residential tenancy with a tenant.
  • Long-term tenancy options – the potential to secure long-term residential tenancy agreements with tenants for up to four years.
  • Pre-qualified tenants – all tenants will be assessed, and deemed eligible to participate in the Pilot on the basis they have a good previous rental history and minimal debt.
  • Make-good provisions – Housing will pay landlords up to $5,000 for any out of pocket expenses for property damage after the application of the tenancy bond and any insurance proceeds.
  • Annual rent adjustments – rent will be adjusted annually in accordance with the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Consumer Price Index Rent Index for Perth.

*conditions apply

For more information about what the Pilot offers landlords, please view our Frequently Asked Questions or our Landlord Fact Sheet.

The Pilot aims to transition social housing tenants and waitlist applicants into the private rental market. Over the course of the Pilot, the tenant will receive a decreasing rental subsidy and access to support services which will enable them to build their capacity and financial independence.

The Pilot is being delivered in partnership between Housing and four community services organisations. These organisations are Centrecare, Multicultural Services Centre of WA Inc., Outcare and The Salvation Army.

To register your interest in the Pilot, please fill out the form below. Please be aware your details will passed on to both Housing and the above community services organisations.

If your property is a potential match for a client, either Housing or one of its community services organisation partners will contact you to arrange an inspection.

If you have any further queries, please contact


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