Social Housing Investment Package

The Social Housing Investment Package (SHIP) was announced in May 2015. The $564 million investment will halve the number of seniors and families with children on the priority waitlist by 30 June 2017, and along with other Housing Authority initiatives, will deliver 1,000 additional homes to benefit those most in need in our community.
The focus of the package will be on a combination of new constructions, spot purchases and private rental leases.
SHIP supports an important part of the State Affordable Housing Strategy – delivering a dividend for social housing and supporting transition through the housing continuum. The Affordable Housing Strategy aims to generate 30,000 affordable homes by 2020.

Assisted Rental Pathways Pilot (formerly Subsidised Private Rental Pilot)

The Assisted Rental Pathways Pilot is one of the six streams of the Social Housing Investment Package that was announced by the State Government in 2015.  The Pilot aims to support 200 social housing tenants and waitlist applicants in private rental dwellings for a period of up to four years.

The Pilot will provide eligible participants with a tiered rental subsidy and individualised assistance, to build their personal capacity and financial independence so they can become self-sufficient in the private rental market. Housing will use this opportunity to trial a diversionary form of housing assistance for capable people who may, with the aid of time-limited rental subsidies and individualised assistance, be able to transition into the private housing market.

As part of the Pilot, Housing is seeking to source 200 private rental properties.


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