This site is produced by the Department of Housing. It aims to provide access to comprehensive information about its role and services.
This website has been designed to be as accessible to as many users as possible, including:
  • People with disabilities who may use assistive technologies
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  • Those with non-PC internet devices including hand held devices and mobile phones.
The site has achieved full first level compliance with the guidelines for accessibility of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), along with second level compliance in some areas. Consequently all pages are compliant with Priority 1 guidelines based on W3C Web Accessibility standards.
The accessibility features available on this site include:
  • Functionality for increasing or decreasing the text size for the site (via the users browser)
  • Descriptive text for images (ALT text) that can be read by assistive technologies
  • High Contrast colour scheme that assists users with visual impairments
  • Use of lightweight images / design to decrease load times.
Please note that you can also request to acquire any documents available on the web site in the following formats:
  1. Printed/hard-copy
  2. Documents to be made available in an alternative format such as plain text file.

Please use the details available in the Contact Us page to make any such requests, or to provide feedback on your experience using the site.