Housing centenary

On 9 January 1912, the Workers’ Homes Board Act was passed through Parliament with bi-partisan support leading to the formation of Western Australia’s first public housing organisation and the Housing Authority's original predecessor, the ​Workers’ Homes Board.

We have come far from this humble beginning a century ago. Today we continue to find and implement innovative solutions to meet the housing needs of a large range of Western Australians: key workers, community workers, remote communities, government employees, first homebuyers, families, renters and those less fortunate households who require public housing.

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Agency name Years of operation
Workers' Homes Board 1912 – 1947
State Housing Commission 1947 – 1985
Homeswest 1985 – 1999
Ministry of Housing 1999 – 2001
Department of Housing and Works 2001 – 2009
Department of Housing
2009 – 2015
​The Housing Authority 2009 – present