Affordable Housing Action Plan

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The State Government’s Affordable Housing Action Plan 2017-18 to 2019-2020 commits to delivering 7,700 homes for people on low to moderate incomes, as well as investing in new construction that will support $2.3 billion in economic activity and almost 6,000 jobs over the three-year plan. It also increases the previous 2010-2020 target of 30,000 affordable housing opportunities to a minimum of 35,000 by 2020.

The Plan reflects the Department of Communities focus on the connections between People, Place, Home – placing greater emphasis on where and how people live, not just what they live in. It delivers additional crisis and social housing for our most vulnerable citizens, expands transitional rental housing, and continues to support Keystart loans and shared home ownership for aspiring low to moderate income home buyers.

Led by Communities, the Plan’s success relies on the government, private and community sectors working creatively and collectively together to deliver new affordable housing solutions for people on low to moderate incomes.

Goals and focus areas

The Plan centres on three inter-connected goals:

  1. using housing to help achieve better outcomes for individuals and families in need;
  2. delivering inclusive and connected communities, where people of all incomes and backgrounds have a place to call home and to belong; and
  3. creating a housing system that is more responsive to current and future need.

These goals are supported by eight focus areas that seek to improve how the overall system responds – from better integration of housing and support services for people in need, to reforms to the planning and approvals systems.

  1. Transform the service delivery system to deliver more people and place centred outcomes
  2. Support vulnerable Western Australians - including with earlier and more coordinated support
  3. More options and pathways across the continuum to help people reach their housing goals
  4. Broaden sources of capital to augment government investment
  5. Reform the planning and approvals system to support diverse, affordable, accessible and safe communities
  6. Increase housing diversity and adaptability to meet current and future housing needs
  7. Leverage METRONET precincts and government roles for social and affordable housing outcomes
  8. Create new and renewed communities that are inclusive, affordable and transformative.

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More information

The full Plan, including a summary fact sheet and an Easy English guide, can be accessed in the ‘Resources’ panel on the right-hand side of this page.

Please email if you require an alternative format or have any further queries about the Plan.​​​​​​​​​