Hilton Revitalisation Project

The Department of Communities is gradually revitalising several properties in Hilton to stimulate housing supply and diversity, reduce social housing presence and preserve post-war character homes that are synonymous with the suburb.

Initiated in 2015, the Hilton Revitalisation Project is strategically redeveloping 52 underutilised social housing properties (over 50 lots) in Hilton through land subdivisions, sale of homes with heritage significance, sale of vacant land and the construction of new social housing homes.

The redevelopment of these properties enables Communities to:

  • preserve the original post-war character homes by selling them to private owners at affordable prices for refurbishment
  • provide opportunities for people to buy affordable land in the suburb to build their dream home
  • reduce the overall social housing presence in the suburb and construct new social housing that is modern and better suited to tenants’ needs.

As at December 2020, more than half of the 50 identified lots have been subdivided and many of the old character houses on these original lots as well as vacant land parcels have been sold to private buyers at affordable prices.

New social housing construction

In two stages the project will construct 33 one and two-bedroom modern social housing properties to address the gap in the availability of smaller homes in the area.

Through a design competition held in 2017, Communities selected Bernard Seeber Architects to design the first stage of new social housing to be developed in the project area.

Construction is estimated to begin in 2021 after a builder has been selected through a tender process.

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