Tuart Brook

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The Department of Communities is seeking to partner with the private sector to deliver Tuart Brook – an affordable and site-responsive residential community just 6km south of the Bunbury city centre.

Located in the Bunbury suburb of Usher, the 55.9-hectare Tuart Brook site comprises three Lots – Lots 501 and 802 Washington Avenue and Lot 800 Parade Road.

The project aims to deliver on five key objectives: Affordability, Diversity, Environmental Sustainability, Liveability and Economic Returns.

The project seeks to create an enduring and vibrant community, offering a diverse range of affordable housing in a well-connected liveable and environmentally sustainable development.

Tuart Brook will take advantage of the recreational parkland with easy access to the coast and Bunbury CBD.

Procurement for a development partner for Tuart Brook has now progressed to Stage 3 (Negotiations with Preferred Proponent).


Aerial image of Tuart Brook
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