National Partnership Agreement - Homelessness

The National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH) implementation is managed through the Department for Child Protection and sets out new directions for providing a more integrated response to homelessness. The initiatives focus on intervening early, preventing the cycle of homelessness and developing a better integrated service system. 
The NPAH funding (support and capital) for WA is $135m over four years. It is jointly funded by the State ($68.3m) and the Commonwealth ($66.7m). 
The Housing Authority is a key delivery partner, allocating or acquiring dwellings for seven NPAH programs:
  • A Place to Call Home
  • Street to Home
  • Housing Support Worker- Mental Health
  • Housing Support Worker – Drug and Alcohol
  • Housing Support Worker – Corrections – Adult and Juvenile
  • Homelessness Accommodation Support Workers
  • People with Exceptionally Complex Needs.
The Housing Authority is also managing government funding of major capital works supporting the programs including the new Oxford Foyer project in Leederville, Perth, for young people at risk of homelessness and St Bart's Lime Street development in East Perth.
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