Procurement and Contracts

The Department of Communities strives to ensure procurement processes are cost effective for both the Department and its contractors and suppliers. The Department is committed to efficient and effective procurement process that meet the needs of the agency, achieve value for money outcomes and manage risks.

The Department's procurement and contract management activities are conducted in an impartial, accountable, fair and ethical manner, protecting the Department and its personnel from the perceptions of bias or illicit intent. The Housing Authority Procurement Principles aim to ensure best practice procedures in procurement and contract management.

The Department expects its contractors and suppliers to fulfil contractual obligations, including pricing, quality of the service or product, reliability, financial reporting or otherwise in accordance with individual contracts.

In order to supply to the Department, contractors and suppliers may need to meet certain criteria, qualifications, permits and/or insurances. Tenders and contractual documentation may also seek a minimum level of demonstrated experience. For example, Department tenders above $250,000 are generally advertised through Tenders WA and contractors and suppliers are invited to submit applications that address the criteria.

The Department aims to provide contractors and suppliers with fair and equitable access to supply opportunities and to this end, the Department aligns with State Supply Commission policies that ensure open and effective competition.