About Tendering

Housing Authority (Housing) tendering practices are based on the Australian Standard AS4120-1994 Code of Tendering and are also aligned with the Western Australian (WA) Government’s State Supply Commission (SSC) tendering processes. Under this governance framework, Housing Goods & Services and Works tenders, where applicable, are subject to open tender and advertised on Tenders WA.

Tenders WA

The WA Government website, Tenders WA is the central source for government tenders and publication of contract award information for contracts with the total value of $50,000.00 and above. Tenders WA provide information on early tender advice, current ‘open’ tenders, contact details and deadlines for submissions. Users of Tenders WA can create a new account (as an individual or as a Company) or log on using existing account information, which will allow them to view or download a tender. Users can also set up email alerts to receive notification of tenders of interest.

Should you have any difficulty using the Tenders WA website please contact the Department of Finance’s Procurement Systems team at:

Phone: (08) 6551 2020

About the Housing Tendering Services Team

The Housing Tendering Services team is responsible for ensuring that tender processes are transparent, ethical and administered according to procurement best practice at all times whilst maintaining confidentiality of information provided.

All potential suppliers are treated fairly, justly and without bias.

The Housing Tendering Services team manage the publication of Goods & Services and Works tenders, including early tender advice, on Tenders WA. The team is also responsible for:

  • Receiving tender submissions, electronically and via the Tender Box;
  • Preparing tender submissions and documentations for the evaluation process;
  • Publishing awarded contracts on Tenders WA; and
  • Assisting with general enquiries relating to Tendering processes.

Please note that technical queries are to be directed to the nominated contact person specified in the Tender Request.

The Housing Tendering Services team and the Tender Box are located at:

Ground Floor, 99 Plain Street, East Perth, WA 6004
Phone: (08) 9222 4820
Tender Box Access Hours: Monday to Friday, 8am – 5pm​