Supplying to Housing

If you are interested in supplying goods or services, or you are interested in becoming a construction or maintenance contractor, the information below provides general advice and information about the procurement process.

There are a number of ways the Housing Authority (Housing) procures goods and services and construction or maintenance services. The nature of the procurement and value of the potential contract determine the purchasing method Housing officers must follow.

Whole of Government Common Use Arrangements

Housing procures common goods and services under whole of Government Common Use Arrangements (CUAs).

Quotes and Direct Purchasing

The Housing Authority has the discretion to determine the most appropriate procurement method including direct sourcing, or verbal or written quotations based on assessment of the nature of the market, complexity and risk of the project, and process efficiency, in accordance with State Supply Commission policies or Housing Authority Procurement Principles as appropriate.

For subcontractor work you may approach the current Head Contractors listed on the Head Maintenance Contract​ page.

For purchases above $50,000, but under $250,000, Housing staff must request written quotes.

For purchases up to the value of $250,000, Housing may purchase from suppliers they have identified as being able to provide the required goods or services.

Open Tender

For purchases over $250,000, Housing must undertake a competitive procurement process through an open tender. Open tendering offers accountable, consistent and objective outcomes for Government and suppliers.

Current Procurement Opportunities

For all current open tenders advertised by Housing, you are encouraged to register with and view the Tenders WA website.

The Department of Finance offers tender training for the provision of goods and services.