Terms and Conditions

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For Housing Authority procurements the following terms and conditions are available:  

Archived General Conditions of Contract and Specifications

You can find additional terms and conditions in relation to goods, services and community services contracts at the Department of Finance website below: 

Housing Authority Purchase Order General Terms and Conditions 

  1. If delivery cannot be made in accordance with the instructions, the Requesting Officer must be notified immediately.
  2. The Requesting Officer reserves the right to cancel this order, or part thereof, if delivery is not within the time specified or within a reasonable time if no delivery date is specified.
  3. Materials differing in quality, quantity or price will not be accepted without prior approval.
  4. Claim for payment will only be accepted from the supplier named on this purchase order.
  5. Payment for these supplies will be facilitated by the prompt presentation of an Australian Taxation Office approved tax invoice to the "Invoice to" address stated, quoting the Purchase Order Number. If a non-compliant tax invoice is provided, the agency will withhold the applicable tax as required by law.
  6. Where goods and services are ordered from Common Use Arrangements or Agency Specific Contracts, the relevant contractual terms and conditions apply. Where both an Agency Specific Contract number and a Common Use Arrangement number are quoted, the terms of the Agency Specific Contract have precedence and will apply.
  7. For all goods and services ordered that are not quoting a Government Contract number, the General Conditions of Contract issued by the Department of Finance apply.