Current Tenants

The Housing Authority aims to ensure that all Western Australians have access to affordable and secure housing. Subsidies ensure that as a Housing tenant you do not pay more than 25 per cent of your income in rent.
This site provides a range of information and services to help manage your tenancy.

Information on this site is split into four main tenancy groups:

Changes to the residential tenancy laws

As of 1 July 2013 there will be changes to the residential tenancy laws, please visit the Consumer Protection website to read about these changes.

If you have questions about your tenancy and understanding your rights as a tenant, further information is available from the Consumer Protection website.



 Housing News

Public Housing Rent Calculation Changes Update
Monday, 07 November 2016

The Housing Authority is committed to making sure that rent changes are fair and equitable for all public housing tenants. We are continuing to adjust rent in stages so all tenants pay 25 per cent of their income as rent.

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