Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Can I have a receipt for Centrelink payments or deductions?
A. Yes. You will receive your tenancy rental statement regularly. This statement shows all the payments and deductions you have received for that account period, including payments and deductions from Centrelink.
You can also ask your Housing Officer for a printout of your current account statement.
Q. Can I change the amount of my direct deduction?
A. Yes. You can change your agreed amount at any time.
However, be careful not to set it so low that you fall behind on your rent.
If you look like falling behind, talk to your Housing Officer to make an arrangement as soon as possible.
Q. I want to move to another house or area, can I get a transfer?
A. Sometimes, but it depends on individual circumstances.
You need to ask your Housing Officer if any other properties are available.
If you are not able to live in your house because of Sorry Business, you will be considered a priority for transfer.
Q. If I can find someone to swap houses with me, can I do that?
A. Yes, it is possible to exchange houses, but only if the Housing Officers for both properties approve.
Both you and the other tenant must also be eligible for the type of accommodation you want to swap into.
In addition, you will have to complete a new tenancy agreement before you can exchange properties.


Q. How will I know when a contractor is going to come to my house for repairs and maintenance?
A. Once you have notified your Housing Officer of the maintenance and/or repairs required they will arrange a contractor. They will then notify you of the time and day the contractor will come to your house. 
Q. What time and day will the contractor come to do the work?
A. The contractor should be available for normal work between 7.30 am and 5 pm Monday to Saturday.
The maintenance contract allows them to visit either in the morning (between 7.30 am and 12 noon) or in the afternoon (between 12 noon and 5 pm).
They are not required to give an exact time.
Q. I asked for repairs to be done on my property. When will they be done?
A. Contractors are required to attend to:
  • Emergency work within 24 hours
  • Priority work within 48 hours
  • Routine within 28 calendar days.

In remote communities, it is sometimes difficult for contractors to keep to these times. However, we try to have repairs and maintenance carried out as soon as possible.

For further information, see our Maintenance Policy Manual.


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