Buying Your GROH Property

GROH Tenant Toolbox

Government employees living in GROH accommodation can apply to purchase their home.

Disposal must be approved by the Housing Authority, the employing agency and the Minister for Housing.

How do I apply to purchase my GROH home?

Contact the Sales Officer at Housing Programs on (08) 9440 2280.

The Sales Officer will conduct a preliminary assessment to determine if your GROH property is eligible for sale. For example, a property cannot be sold if it is not owned by Housing.

Upon advice from the Sales Officer, please submit the application form with a cheque for the $500 application fee.

We will return the $500 if your application is denied (or withdrawn) before the valuations are conducted.

A detailed assessment will be conducted to evaluate the property’s condition, location and redevelopment potential.

If we approve the sale, further approvals can then be sought from your employing agency and the Minister for Housing.

How is the sale price calculated?

Two property valuations are conducted after approval from Housing and the employing agency. The valuations are provided by licensed valuers and are based on current market values. The sale price is set at the mid-point between the two valuations and is not negotiable.

Housing does not provide the valuations to third parties.

For more information, please see Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact the Sales Officer on (08) 9440 2280.​​


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