Buying Your GROH Property: Frequently Asked Questions

Is the sale of my GROH home guaranteed?
No. Each property is assessed in line with Department of Housing strategic asset management priorities and plans. If the asset is required by the Department for current or future housing then it will not be sold.

Does GROH take into account the time that I have lived in the house when calculating the sale price?
No. However, the tenant has the advantage of exclusive purchase, which means that they are not competing with other prospective applicants.
Are my improvements to the property taken into account when calculating the sale price?
In some cases. On the application there is a section where improvements made by occupants can be listed. If required, the valuers will be asked to provide a monetary figure for genuine improvements and this is taken into account when calculating the sale price. (Please note that this is not applicable for gardens or improvements that have been reimbursed. You may be required to provide receipts for work done).
How long does it take for the application to be processed?
Approximately three to four months as the sale must be assessed and approved by various parties. Sometimes delays are unavoidable, especially in remote locations.
Does GROH assist with finance?
No. However the applicant may be eligible for the Home Ownership Subsidy Scheme (HOSS). The HOSS is managed and administered at the discretion of your department and is not an employment entitlement. For more information please see the HOSS policy.
Do I have to stay in my house for three years following purchase?
No. This condition did apply in the past but has now been removed.
Who should I talk to for more information?
Sales Officer
Housing Programs Directorate
Department of Housing
PH: (08) 9286 6000
Fax: (08) 9286 6025