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Tenant Rent Setting Framework

NGOs may adopt the current Government Regional Officers Housing Tenant Rent Setting Framework (TRSF) which calculates tenant rent by applying a number of discounts to the Perth Median Rent.

The Perth Median Rent is discounted by 20% for medium amenity properties. Standard amenity properties receive an additional 20% discount. Further discounts are then applied according to ratings against the following:

  • Distance from a major regional centre
  • Distance from the coast
  • Level of the location amenity.

The TRSF sets the maximum amount that the tenant can be charged for a particular type of property in each location. The employing agency can charge between $0 and the maximum amount set by the policy.

Your rent is set by the employing agency and as such any enquiries should be directed to them.

How do I pay my rent?

How much does the Agency pay?

You can calculate your rent repayments using the GROH Tenant Rent Calculator.

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