Moving Out

NGO Tenant Toolbox

If you want to end your tenancy with us, you need to let us know at least 21 days before you want to leave.  
Fill out the Intention to Vacate form and send to the local Housing Authority office and to your employer’s housing representative.
You may also arrange a pre-vacation inspection to identify areas that require attention, but this is optional.
Remember, you will need to return the property to the condition described in the Property Condition Report when you moved in.
This includes:
  • Clean walls, floors, surfaces and windows
  • Professionally steam-cleaned carpets
  • Tidy and rubbish free outside areas and gardens 
  • Complying with any other special conditions in your tenancy agreement.

Below is a list of other things you need to do before you move out:

  • Arrange an outgoing property condition inspection
  • Arrange utility meter readings and finalise accounts in your name
  • Supply forwarding details to the local Housing office
  • Return all keys to the local office and obtain a key receipt
  • Pay any identified tenant liability.

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