Non-Government Organisation (NGO) Tenants

NGO Tenant Toolbox


The Housing Authority secured funding from the 2010-11 Royalties for Regions Infrastructure and Headworks Fund for the provision of accommodation for employees of Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s) contracted and funded by the State Government to provide key services in some regional locations.

The NGO housing program will provide targeted investment in high-cost regional locations to sustain the delivery of key State Government funded NGO services. The project will initially target eight locations where a lack of affordable housing means NGO services are being constrained or are at risk of being withdrawn. Fifty-eight houses for NGOs have been constructed in Karratha (9), Newman (1), South Hedland (14), Kununurra (6), Derby (6), Roebourne (8), Halls Creek (6) and Broome (8).

We acknowledge that moving to the country can be challenging and that your satisfaction with your home will affect how long you want to stay there. Our aim is to provide you with suitable accommodation and a high quality tenancy and property management service.
The Tenant Handbook and NGO Addendum provide essential information for NGO tenants and should be referred to for any queries concerning your tenancy. ​


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