Key Contacts

NGO Tenant Toolbox

NGO accommodation is managed through the special relationship between the Housing Authority, the employing organisation and the employee.
Unfortunately, this can make it difficult to know who to contact about various issues.
The following table provides some general guidelines, but if in doubt please do not hesitate to contact your local Housing office for assistance.
Housing issue ​Who to contact?
​Allocation of properties ​Your employer
​Caring for your home and garden ​Local Housing office
​Eligibility ​Your employer
​Inspections and Property Condition Reports ​Local Housing office
​Key return ​Local Housing office
​Maintenance ​Housing Direct 1300 137 677
​Notice to vacate (complete form) ​Local Housing office and your agency
​Pets and pests ​Local Housing office
​Rent ​Your employer
​Shared tenancies ​Your employer
​Tenant liability ​Local Housing office
​Utilities and services ​Local service providers and/or
Local Housing office