Rent Calculation

NGO Tenant Toolbox


The provision of employee housing for non-government organisations (NGOs) has been made available through a strategic initiative to assist in sustaining the delivery of key government funded services delivered by NGO’s.

The Housing Authority leases the properties to the employing NGO who then subleases the properties to their eligible employees.

How is my rent calculated?

Your rent is set at the discretion of you employer (i.e. the NGO); any queries regarding your rent should therefore be directed to your employer.
The weekly rent payable by the NGOs will depend upon the location and size of the property, and will be reviewed annually. The NGOs will have the following three options in recovering the rent costs from tenants:

  1. Tenant Rent Setting Framework
    NGOs may adopt the current Government Regional Officers Housing Tenant Rent Setting Framework (TRSF) which calculates tenant rent by applying a number of discounts to the Perth Median Rent.

    The Perth Median Rent is discounted by 20% for high amenity properties. Medium amenity properties receive an additional 20% discount and low amenity properties receive an additional 40% discounts off the high amenity rate. Further discounts are then applied according to ratings against the following:
    • Distance from Perth
    • Distance from a major regional centre
    • Distance from the coast
    • Level of the location amenity.
  2. Align with Social Housing rents
    Rent may be set at 25% of the employee’s income (in line with current social housing polices), or
  3. Pass full cost on to Tenant
    The NGO may choose to pass on the full cost recovery rent to the employees, thereby avoiding the need to fund any rent shortfall.
In implementing any of these options the NGO will carefully consider the consequences on both the NGO and its employees.  

How do I pay my rent?

You pay your rent to your employer, usually via pay deduction. Over payments can only be recouped for your employer.

How much does the non-government organisation pay?

The weekly rent payable by NGOs will depend on the location and size of the property, and will be reviewed annually. The rent payable by NGO’s under this initiative represents a significant discount in market rent, particularly in high demand locations such as Karratha and South Hedland.