Rent Payment Options

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How do I pay my rent?

The five options for paying rent are:

1. Centrelink

If your income is from a Centrelink pension or benefit, your rent can be deducted and sent directly to us. Additional charges, such as water consumption, can also be deducted from your Centrelink pension or benefit. To join the Centrelink Rent Deduction Scheme, download the Rent Deduction Form, complete and send back to us.

2. Post office

You can use your Housing Authority card to make payments at any Post Office.

3. Direct debit

You can arrange for your rent to be paid directly from your bank account. Download the Direct Debit Your Housing Authority Payments brochure. The brochure includes the Direct Debit Request form which you can complete and send back to us.

4. Online bill payment (BPOINT)

You can use your credit card to pay your rent or additional charges, such as water consumption or tenant liability. Go to the Online Bill Payment page to pay online.

5. Online bill payment (BPAY)

You can transfer payment directly to the Housing Authority's account.

Biller code: 135228
Payment Reference Number: Your 8-digit Reference Number

Please include your account number as the reference.

Having difficulties paying your rent?

It is important to pay your rent on time and to keep your account paid at least two weeks in advance if you pay fortnightly or one week in advance if you pay weekly.

If you fall behind in rent payments, contact your Housing Services Officer immediately so we can help organise an affordable repayment arrangement to clear any debt. Please notify us if you are having difficulties so that we can advise you of available assistance.

If you are currently experiencing difficulties paying your bills, there are Financial Counsellors available to help you.​


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