Property Transfers

Tenant Toolbox

You may ask to transfer to another house depending on your circumstances. You will need to be eligible for the new house you want to be transferred to.

Priority transfer

If your circumstances change and you need to urgently move to a different house you may be eligible for a priority transfer. As the tenant you will be responsible for any cost associated with the transfer. Reasons for priority transfers include:

  • Medical or health issues
  • Domestic/ family violence
  • Racial or other harassment
  • Children's needs or family size
  • Distance from required facilities or place of employment, depending on availability of transport.

For more information on priority transfers please see the Priority Assistance Policy in our Rental Policy Manual or contact your local Housing Authority office.

Transfer at Housing’s request

We may ask you to move to a different house either temporarily or permanently to allow for work to be undertaken on properties or to reduce under-occupation of stock. For example if there are only two people in your household and you are living in a four bedroom property the Housing Authority may request that you move to a smaller property to allow a larger household to be housed.

If we ask you to move we will pay for all reasonable costs associated with the move. We may also offer you other incentives to move.​​​


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