Change of Circumstance

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If your circumstances change you need to tell the Department of Communities (Housing). This includes changes to income or assets or a change in the number of householders.

Changes to your income or assets

Public Housing rent is calculated at 25 per cent of a household’s assessable income.

If your income increases by $10 or more a week, your rent may increase. Please notify us immediately of any household income changes by completing and returning the Rent Assessment Form.

If you don't tell us about household income increases, you may face paying back rent when your next rent review falls due. Similarly, please advise us if your household income is reduced, as you may be eligible for a rent decrease.

Other options

If your income increases and you no longer meet the income and assets criteria, a Housing officer will contact you for an interview to discuss your housing situation and affordable housing options available to you. This may include community housing options, renting privately or buying your own home.

Changes to your household

It is important that you let the Department of Communities (Housing) know if there are changes to your household as this may change your household’s assessable income and the rent you pay.

If you are no longer eligible for the size of the property you are living in, the Department of Communities (Housing) can explore options for you, and may transfer you to a more suitable property, provided you are still eligible for public housing.

If someone is staying with you as a visitor your rent will not change so long as your visitor:

  • Has a permanent alternative address (the Department of Communities (Housing) may request evidence); and
  • Remains at your property for no longer than eight consecutive weeks.

Complete the Rent Assessment Form​ to notify us of any household changes.


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