​Your Housing Services Officer will inspect your home at least once a year. This is called the Annual Property Inspection.

The visit is to make sure that you are keeping your home clean and tidy and to see if anything needs repair or maintenance.

You will be given plenty of notice and you must be home during the inspection.

They usually take about 30 minutes.

You can prepare for the inspection by:

  • sweeping away dirt and dust
  • wiping away grime and cobwebs
  • wiping down benches, walls, cupboards, sinks, bathrooms, toilet and appliances
  • cleaning windows
  • mowing the lawn
  • sweeping paths and patios
  • removing rubbish

You may want to ask a family member or friends to help you. If not, services from local shires or community groups may be able to help. Ask your Housing Services Officer how to find some of these services.

Your Housing Services Officer can also visit throughout the year to see how you’re going or to discuss your tenancy.

These visits are part of your tenancy agreement.