Sustainable Living

The Department of Communities is committed to promoting sustainability within its diverse communities and providing quality and affordable housing that is considerate of the environment and helps reduce ongoing living costs for tenants.

Smart energy for social housing

The Department is working with Synergy to install solar panels and smart meters on 500 select social housing properties in WA, at no cost to tenants.

Eligible tenants will be invited to take part in the ‘New Solar Pilot’ where they’ll have access to Synergy’s Future Communities Plan which offers a cheaper rate than the current Home Plan (A1) for electricity consumed at home between 9am to 3pm every day.

If you’ve been invited to join the Pilot and you’re interested in participating, please contact Synergy on or 6212 2888 or visit Synergy's website​ for more information.

If solar isn’t an option in your rental, there are other simple ways to reduce your energy usage at home. Some useful household energy saving tips can be found on the following websites: