Make your party safe

As holidays approach many tenants throughout the state will want to celebrate.
When getting ready for celebrations, remember to respect the rights of your neighbours by controlling the behaviour of your visitors. You are responsible for the action of your visitors and guests.
You should avoid having a large gathering at your house. Noisy parties and unruly behaviour by guests can result in complaints to the Department’s anti social behaviour hotline and lead to eviction. If you decide to have a party at your house, rather than a hall or sports club, keep it small.
Here are a number of suggestions which will help you have a safe and happy gathering.
Don’t underestimate the power of social networking - one post on Facebook may result in hundreds of unfamiliar and unwanted guests at your party.
  • Ensure that invitations are sent personally.
  • Be clear about the start and finish time of the party.
  • Ensure RSVPs are provided so you know exactly how many people are coming and you can plan the event properly.
The Venue
  • Make sure your venue fits the size of the party. If your home is too small or not suitable, it may be safer to have a party in a more controlled facility like a public hall or local sporting club.
  • Provide adequate lighting and try to eliminate dark or hidden areas at the venue.
  • Consider where people will park, and try to ensure sufficient parking.
  • Have a plan of action for drunk or sick people and prepare yourself with a first aid kit and emergency contact numbers.
  • Ensure the responsible consumption of alcohol by all those who attend the gathering.
  • If you do allow BYO alcohol, place strict limits on the quantity allowed to be brought in by each guest.
  • Provide plenty of alternatives to alcohol such as soft drinks and water.
  • Provide plenty of food when alcohol is available.
  • Monitor the consumption of alcohol to prevent intoxication and curb any problems before they start.
  • Avoid any type of glass containers; pour drinks into plastic glasses/cups.
  • Consider asking other parents to assist with supervision.
  • Adults who are supervising should stay focused on the party at all times.
  • Check with the local police and council about noise restrictions.
  • Tell any neighbours about the party before it happens, inform them of start and end times to reduce the possibility of complaints.
Crowd Management
  • You are responsible for the behaviour of visitors and guests.
  • A large gathering can get out of control and lead to complaints of anti social behaviour which can result in your eviction.
  • Confine the party to a building, backyard, or enclosed area and don’t allow people to hang around the front of the party. Hanging around outside a venue attracts gate crashers.
  • Ensure that supervision is visible.
Leaving the Party
  • Before guests arrive, think about the options of getting them home.
  • Guests should not attempt to drive after consuming alcohol.
  • A car pool with a designated driver is always a good option.

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