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The Government of Western Australia, Australian Government and Non-Government Organisations provide several types of rental housing products to Western Australians who have a housing need and receive a low to moderate income.
These products include rental housing options, rental assistance, and information on tenant rights. Eligibility criteria varies from product to product. To receive advice on your options based on your current household circumstances, and to find out what products you may be eligible for, contact your local Department of Communities (Housing) Office to complete a Housing Options Assessment. 
This form can be collected and completed at any Housing Office and submitted in person, via email, by mail or fax. Where required, arrangements can be made to complete the form over the phone.
The Assessment is not an application for assistance and does not guarantee eligibility. On completion of the assessment, you will still be required to complete a formal application for any products you wish to apply for.
In addition to providing public housing in metropolitan and country areas of Western Australia, the Department of Communities (the Department) also provides assistance to people with various other housing needs. This may  include rental assistance, becoming a homeowner and issues related to homelessness.
Rental assistance incudes initiatives such as: 
  • private rental
  • Aboriginal assistance loans
  • National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS)
  • housing in remote Aboriginal communities.
Western Australians who want to become home owners can also benefit from a number of initiatives offered by the Department. These include: 
The Department also offers affordable housing for sale to the public through its own developments.
If you are experiencing homelessness, Crisis Care and Entrypoint Perth are free assessment and referral services available to families and individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Western Australia.


Rental housing options provided by the Department of Communities
Non-government rental housing options
Rental assistance provided by the Department of Communities
Rental assistance provided by the Federal Government
Information on tenant rights

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