Debt Verification

To be eligible for a Bond Assistance Loan from the Housing Authority you will need to repay any outstanding debt owed.  
Where applicable a Bond Assistance applicant may have an outstanding bond debt consolidated with a new bond loan. The default repayment rate is set at $40 per fortnight where the Housing Authority  amalgamates a previous debt with a new bond loan.
There may be instances where the Housing Authority is unable to amalgamate outstanding debt, in which case you will be required to pay each of the debts separately, a repayment plan will be set for you by the Housing Authority.
Outstanding debt where no payments have been made by the bond applicant will only be considered provided the applicant makes an arrangement to repay all the bond debts.
Application for further assistance where a customer has not maintained their repayment arrangements will be at the discretion of the department.
When vacating a private rental property where the Housing Authority has provided bond assistance, the balance of the bond loan must be returned by the landlord/authorised agent to the Housing Authority unless previously advised that the bond debt has been repaid in full.
Where a Bond Assistance Loan applicant has an outstanding Housing Authority rental debt, the applicant will be entitled to participate in the Debt Discount Scheme for the rental debt only.

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