Frequently Asked Questions

​How much bond will I get?

The Bond Assistance Loan is determined by the number and relationship of household occupants and the amount of rent payable. For example, a couple or supporting parent with two children will receive up to a maximum of $1,080 towards the bond plus two weeks rent in advance.  

Is the Bond Assistance loan paid directly to me?

No, the loan is paid directly to the landlord on your behalf. You must make payments on the loan to the Housing Authority during the term of the tenancy until the loan is repaid in full.

What If I have already paid the bond to my landlord?

Reimbursement is possible; however, you must be able to provide details of the lease agreement with copies of paid receipts. These must not be older than eight weeks.

When I vacate my private rental what happens to the bond I have paid?

If you have met the conditions of your lease and repaid the loan amount in full, the landlord will refund the bond to you when you vacate. However, if the loan is not paid in full, the Landlord may pay the amount of the unpaid loan directly to the Housing Authority and refund the balance to you.

I think I owe the Housing Authority money but can I still get Bond Assistance?

All debts must be cleared before Bond Assistance will be approved. If extenuating circumstances exist, the Housing Authority will consider applications at their discretion providing arrangements have been made to commence repayments of the debt.
View the Bond Assistance Loan Policy for information on Eligibility for applicants with a debt owing to the Housing Authority.

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