Government Employee Housing

The Department of Communities provides accommodation for Government employees under its Government Regional Officers’ Housing (GROH) Program.

What is GROH accommodation?

The State Government is committed to the effective delivery of public services to people in regional and remote Western Australia. These services are delivered by public sector employees (such as teachers, health workers and police) who either reside or relocate to live in these areas. As a result, the availability of suitable housing is an important issue which can directly affect the provision of essential services.

To support the achievement of government objectives, the Department provides housing to facilitate the attraction and retention of staff in regional and remote locations. The Department leases properties to government agencies. These properties are sub-leased to government employees at the discretion of their employing agency

Why is GROH unique?

Unlike a standard tenancy agreement, GROH accommodation is not provided directly to the government employee (i.e. tenant). The Department (via the GROH Program) leases properties to government agencies at full market or cost rent. The Agency sub-leases the property to their eligible employees at a subsidised rate.


Who does what?

Housing Authority
Employing Agency
Tenant / Employee
Provision of housing to meet the needs of Government agencies Payment of rent to the Department of Communities Comply with the requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act 1987
Collection of rent from their employees Payment of subsidised rent to employer
Property maintenance Assessment of employee eligibility for GROH Payment of utility bills
Allocation of properties to tenants Maintenance of property (and garden) condition and cleanliness
Acquisition of additional housing via leasing, construction and spot purchase Administering additional subsidies (e.g. Home Ownership Subsidy Scheme) Reporting maintenance issues and damage

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