Applying for Government Regional Officers' Housing Accommodation

The Department of Housing provides accommodation for government employees under its Government Regional Officers’ Housing (GROH) Program.
GROH accommodation is provided at the discretion of the employing agency. As such, government employees must contact their employing agency to discuss their eligibility and gain approval to apply for a GROH property.

How do I apply for GROH accommodation?

  • Check if you meet GROH’s eligibility requirements 
  • Speak to your employing agency to:
    - Check if you meet their eligibility requirements, and
    - Get their approval to apply for GROH housing
  • Complete the application form and submit to your agency
  • Your agency will liaise with the relevant staff at Housing to secure a property for you
  •  Your agency will notify you when the property is available.

Please contact your employing agency to apply.

What happens next? Find out about moving in.

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