GROH Rent Calculation

In general, Government employees occupying Government Regional Officers’ Housing (GROH) accommodation enjoy significant rental subsidies. This facilitates the attraction and retention of staff in regional and remote areas.
The amount of rent paid by the government employee (i.e. tenant) is guided by the Tenant Rent Setting Framework (TRSF). The framework discounts the Perth median rent to take into consideration:
  • Age and design of the property
  • Amenity level of the location
  • Distance from Perth
  • Distance from a regional centre, and
  • Distance from the coast.

The TRSF sets the maximum amount that the tenant can be charged for a particular type of property in each location. The employing agency can charge between $0 and the maximum amount set by the policy. The tenant’s rent is set by the employing agency and as such any enquiries should be directed to them.


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