Public Housing

The Department of Communities (the Department) provides rental accommodation to eligible households across Western Australia. Rent is calculated at 25% of gross assessable household income.
You may be placed on the public housing waiting list if you meet the Department’s eligibility criteria.
Contact your local Housing Office to complete a Housing Options Assessment. This can be collected and completed at any Housing Office and submitted in person, via email, by mail or  fax. Where required, arrangements can be made to complete the form over the phone. The assessment will provide you with information about a range of housing products and services you may be eligible for based on your current household circumstances.
The Assessment is not an application for assistance and does not guarantee eligibility. If you wish to apply for public housing, you will still be required to complete a formal application form so that an assessment of your eligibility can be completed.
If you have an urgent need for housing and don’t have any other housing options, the Housing Options Assessment will provide you with further information regarding an application for priority assistance.
The Department reviews all its clients annually. It is important to let the Department know if your circumstances change as this may affect your continued eligibility. 
The Department requires permission to share information relating to their clients. If you are advocating on behalf of someone else, you will be required to complete the Advocate Consent Form.