Offer of Public Housing Accommodation

Applicants, partners and/or co-applicants must meet the Department of Communities' eligibility criteria at the time of application, while on the waiting list and before an offer of housing is made. 

You will be assisted according to the date of your approved housing application (i.e. the next client on the list is offered the next available property that meets their application entitlements).
Just before the Department offers you housing, you will need to provide proof of your income and the income of your partner and/or co-applicants to ensure you still meet the Department's eligibility criteria. Other householders receiving an income will need to supply proof of income at time of accepting a property to assess how much rent you will pay once you have been housed. 
The Department will contact you through the information that you have provided on your application or on the information provided on the Annual Housing Application Review form that is sent out each year. If your contact details or circumstances change, you need to contact your local Housing Office​ to update your information.

Viewing the property

Keys to view the property will be made available from the office that made the offer of accommodation. You will be required to sign a key receipt when you take the property keys from the office and when you return them no later than 4pm on the same day.

You have three (3) working days to make a decision to accept or decline the offer.

Accepting an offer

If you accept the offer of accommodation you will be required to fill out the acceptance documents.  A Customer Services Officer will contact you within a few days after you have accepted the property to organise a sign up appointment, where you will need to read and sign the Tenancy Agreement. 
You will be required to pay two (2) weeks rent in advance at the Post Office before you sign the Tenancy Agreement.  

Declining an offer

If you decline the offer of accommodation, you must complete a Decline Reasons form. You should contact your local Housing Office​ to discuss your reasons for decline and to be provided with a form.
You may be asked to provide supporting documentation dependent on your circumstances. Your reasons are assessed and if they are considered to be invalid according to the Department's policy, your application may be withdrawn from the waiting list. If your reasons are considered valid, you will remain on the waiting list for one final valid offer of accommodation.
Before you decline a property it is important to discuss your reasons with a Customer Services Officer so you understand the consequences.

If you don't respond

Applicants that do not respond to an offer of accommodation may be withdrawn from the waiting list.
If you disagree with the Department's decision to withdraw your housing application, you can appeal the outcome through the Department's Appeals Mechanism within 12 months of the original decision.

More information 

For more information, open a copy of Offer of Rental Accommodation brochure.