Property Types

The Department of Communities will allocate accommodation to meet the needs of you and your family.
  • Family: parent(s) and children or sharing adults — you may be allocated a house, duplex or townhouse.
  • Single: person or couple (under 55 years) with no children living with you — you may be allocated an apartment or townhouse.
  • Seniors: single person or couple (55 years of age or older) with no children living with you — you may be allocated an apartment, townhouse or duplex.

The size of the property is determined by the number of bedrooms needed to accommodate the number of people on the application. When a property becomes available it is allocated to the next person on the waiting list. 

The Department has many different types of properties, which vary according to the type of building materials used and year it was built.  The Department  ensures that all properties are of a good standard of housing regardless of how old the property is or what building materials are used. 

For information on how many bedrooms a household is entitled to, view the Allocations Policy in the Rental Policy Manual.​​