Public Housing Wait List

When you apply for rental housing through the Housing Authority you need to provide documents showing proof of income for yourself, partner and/or co-applicant.

You will need to provide proof of identification for yourself and any other people who will be living with you in the property.

If you meet the Housing Authority's eligibility criteria your name will placed onto a waiting list.

The Housing Authority conducts an annual review of all current applicants to confirm their continued need for housing through the Annual Housing Application Review process.

Applicants on the waiting list need to inform the Housing Authority of any changes in their circumstances including changes to income, assets or a change of address.

Applicants, partners and/or co-applicants must declare their eligibility on the review form and meet the Housing Authority's eligibility criteria to remain on the waiting list.

The time you wait will depend on the number of other people waiting for housing and how often properties become vacant.

Priority Housing Assistance

The Housing Authority offers priority housing assistance to applicants that can demonstrate a priority housing need.

You can make an application for priority housing assistance by contacting your local Housing office for a priority interview.

You will need to provide documentation to support your request for priority housing assistance.

For more information visit the Priority Assistance​ page.