Frequently Asked Questions

Rental applicants

How many people are ahead of me on the waiting list?

This is hard to say. Offers of housing are affected by:

  • The number of properties in the area you want to live in
  • The number of properties that become available when people move out
  • The number of people on the waiting list who have a greater need than you.

Each of these factors can change very quickly.

Every day people change their housing preferences to a different location, or ask to be removed from the waiting list, so we are not able to know exactly when properties will become available.

We monitor the waiting list for remote Aboriginal communities with the Community Council. Each community may have different rules about eligibility and allocations. This will be written in your community’s Housing Management Agreement (HMA) or Housing Maintenance & Management Agreement (HMMA).

Can I choose the number of bedrooms?

The number of bedrooms depends on the number of people listed on your application. The size of the property allocated to you will match the size of your family.

For information on how many bedrooms a household is entitled to, please see page 47 of the Rental Policy Manual or to your community’s Housing Management Agreement.

Can I choose what building materials my property will be made of?

The building materials of our properties vary according to when they were built. We ensure all properties are of a good standard, regardless of how old the property is or what building materials are used.

I owe the Housing Authority money. Can I still go on the waiting list?

Sometimes you can but you must agree to make arrangements to pay off your debt. We may also use our discretion, if needed.

However, if you fail to make repayments while your name is on the waiting list, your application may be removed.

For more information, go to:

  • The Rental Policy Manual starting at page 31
  • Your community’s Housing Management Agreement
  • The policy and procedures manual for your region.

For more information on Remote Aboriginal Housing contact a Direct Management office.

For tenancy and maintenance frequently asked questions, view the current Remote Aboriginal Housing tenant Frequently Asked Questions page.


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