Local Government Area Housing Snapshots

​The Local Housing Snapshots are prepared by the Housing Authority to provide a clear and quick overview of the current housing profile for each local government area (LGA) across the State. 

This information includes a snapshot of:

  • the type, tenure and size of the local housing stock
  • the types of household who live in the local area
  • the cost of housing and
  • the affordability of local housing stock for key household types.

A comparison between each LGA and Greater Perth (for Metro locations) or Western Australia (for Regional locations) is also provided to show the similarities and differences that each LGA has with the wider market.

The Snapshots are updated twice a year to show December and June data. Due to the lag in data availability new versions will be available early March (for December data) and September (for June data).

To download/view the LGA Housing Snapshot you will need to save the Excel file to your computer or device and then open the file.

 LGA Housing Snapshot - December 2015 (zipped file, 125kB)

More detailed information is available from the Australian Bureau of Statistics or the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia.