Employing Agency Obligations

What are my obligations as the employing agency?

  • Payment of rent to the Housing Authority and collection of rent from your employees
  • Setting of employee rent (in line with the Tenant Rent Setting Framework)
  • Management of employee eligibility for GROH accommodation
  • Notifying the Housing Authority office when the employee is moving in and out. At least 21 days notice of intention to vacate must be given.
  • Maintain the house and garden when the property is unoccupied
  • Management of other subsidies (e.g. Home Ownership Subsidy Scheme).

Shared tenancies

The agency or the employee may choose to share GROH accommodation. If unrelated employees share the accommodation that your agency has been allocated, your agency will be also be responsible for: 
  • Damage or issues that arise during the shared tenancy
  • Payment of water consumption.