Who Can Apply for GROH Accommodation?

To ensure the availability of housing for government employees, the Housing Authority's Housing Programs Directorate (HPD) works with government agencies / departments to determine their accommodation requirements in the short, medium and long term. This allows HPD to optimise the value of existing assets and achieve the most cost-effective and satisfactory housing outcomes for all departments and their employees.

  1. If you have an identified need for GROH accommodation, please collect the following information:

    a. How many units of housing are required?

    b. When is/are the property/ies needed?

    c. What size/type of housing is required? (e.g. singles / family or specify the number of bedrooms)

    d. Are there any special requirements? (e.g. must allow pets)
  2. Confirm your agency’s commitment to fund the fees and charges for the property or properties. (estimated rental costs can be provided on request)
  3. Submit a request for housing to the mailbox addressing your request to the Client Agency Manager at HPD with the above details.
  4. Submit the Application Form with the employee’s details.

HPD will satisfy your request as soon as possible. This may be challenging in high demand locations and / or locations where there is no viable property market. If a property is not available the Housing Authority may need to secure a lease or buy / build a new property for you.

Please submit your request for housing as soon as possible, especially for high demand and / or remote locations.

We understand that you will not always know what size property you need (especially if you have not yet recruited the employee). In these cases you can notify HPD that you have an upcoming requirement in the particular location, and confirm the property details at a later date.


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