GROH Eligibility

Which agencies can apply for GROH accommodation? 

State Government departments / agencies that are proclaimed in the Government Employee Housing Act 1964​.
If your department / agency is not proclaimed in the Act (or has changed its name) please contact the Housing Programs Directorate to discuss your housing requirements.

Who is Eligible for GROH accommodation?

GROH accommodation is provided at the discretion of the employing agency. However, several conditions are stipulated in the GROH Eligibility Policy, including: 
  • The employee / tenant must not be recruited locally, and
  • The employee/ tenant and their partner must not own a property within 50km of their place of employment, in which they could reasonably reside.
Other eligibility conditions can be set at the discretion of the employing agency. For example, the agency may limit the eligibility for GROH housing to positions over a certain level. In addition, the agency determines the size of property that will be provided for singles, couples and families. 

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