Exmouth Service Worker Accommodation

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Exmouth Service Worker Accommodation provides high-quality rental accommodation for service workers in need of affordable housing.

The 20 new properties available are ready, and eligible people can move in immediately once their application is successful. There are 12 one-bedroom, six two-bedroom and two three-bedroom units available.

Individuals working in the service industry or businesses providing services to the local community that are looking for suitable accommodation for their workers can apply for this housing.

The housing is available for permanent residents earning low-to-moderate incomes who are employed locally in non-mining industries. More information on full eligibility criteria is available.

Exmouth Service Worker Accommodation is anticipated to be completed by early 2017. 

Applications are invited from individuals or organisations.

Exmouth Service Worker Accommodation is made possible by the State Government’s Royalties for Regions program.

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Artist impressions of Exmouth Service Worker Accommodation

Rental Policy: How much rent will be charged?

Market rent for Exmouth Service Worker Accommodation properties are assessed by an independent valuer on an annual basis. If there are significant changes in the Exmouth housing market, an independent valuation can be conducted sooner if recommended by the Allocations Advisory Committee or the Housing Authority.

Rent for individual service workers will be charged the lesser of either:

  • 30% Gross Assessable Household Income as specified by the property and tenancy manager; or
  • Market rent.

Businesses employing service workers will be charged market rent. These businesses may choose to subsidies the rents to their employees, but cannot charge more than what is paid to the property and tenancy manager.

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